Empowering indigenous ministries to provide food, clothing, medicine and education to at-risk children and families in extreme poverty throughout the world.

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Creating micro-loans and micro-businesses to produce opportunities and products for fair trade, and providing job training in these and other skill areas.

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Poverty is not just a physical or economic condition. There are emotional, psychological, and relational wounds from living in poverty that only Christ can heal.

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Teach a Man to Fish..

The saying goes... "Give a man to fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life." At No Hungry Children we believe in creating opportunities to break the cycle of poverty by teaching to fish, so to speak.

We do this through a micro-business project wherein we provide motorcycles for local pastors. These motorcycles are used by the pastors for the operation of a local taxi service. The business provides more than double the average income for the pastor's family, and there's enough for them to reimburse the cost of the motorcycle within 2 years, allowing NHC to provide another motorcycle for another pastor.

In addition to providing a business opportunity for the pastors, the motorcycles provide the needed transportation for them to serve in the feeding program, delivering food and ministering to the needs of the children.


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