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We are excited to tell you about a new program that will help No Hungry Children pave the way to helping feed more children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  Being a partner is easy! Hear the message to you from our founder, Brandon Smith for more information.
Feeding Children Is No Easy Task
A Great Calling
Many of you know that No Hungry Children started as a calling to come along side a ministry on the ground in Nairobi to help feed a few children in a few schools.  Many of you know that started as a single landing page where I put my original songs up and asked people to download them for free but then donate to the feeding program.
Well, God has blessed us greatly since those days in 2011 by allowing us to grow from feeding about 400 children each day in school to now feeding over 2000 children every day in 21 schools.  That's $8500 per month that we must send each month to buy and deliver the food to all 21 schools.  
We are blessed to have roughly $5500 per month being donated through monthly donations and in the past, we have been able to do a festival to help offset the additional money that we need each month.  But now the Lord is moving us in a different direction and the festival is no longer a possibility.  The Lord is asking us to raise up Ambassadors for No Hungry Children who will give monthly, and encourage their friends and family to give monthly as well, to help us raise the $3000 per month in monthly donations that we need by May 1st in order to keep all 21 schools in our feeding program.
Ambassador and Global Ambassador Program
So I'm excited to announce the coming of our Ambassador and Global Ambassador program.  The technology is being built and the details are being worked out, but in the next 60 days we will be rolling out this program that allows individuals to help us raise money, as well as receive benefits and incentives for doing so.  It's going to be awesome.
But in the meantime, we need as many people as possible to start donating monthly and to help us get the word out so we can make sure we don't have to cut any schools from the feeding program.  To meet our goal of raising an additional $3000 per month by May 1st, we need 100 people to start donating at least $30/mo, which means they would qualify as an Ambassador when the program is rolled out.  But more importantly, it means you would be giving over 250 meals per month to 6 children, and allowing them to stay in our feeding program.
The easiest way for us to reach our $3000 goal by May 1st is if the Lord raised up 10 people who would not only give $30/mo starting now, but would also commit to raising $300/mo total by helping us find 9 others who would give $30/mo by May 1st.  This would make those 10 people who raised $300/mo a Global Ambassador for No Hungry Children!!
There will be awesome prizes, events, incentives (discounts on merchandise, trips to Kenya, etc!!) for our Ambassadors and Global Ambassadors.  It will be an awesome program that will be rolled out in the next 60-90 days.  But in the meantime, would you please go to our site now and give as much as you can monthly to help us meet our goal of raising $3000 per month in monthly donations by May 1st?  For every $5 you are able to give monthly, you will literally be feeding a child 2 meals per day who otherwise may not eat at all.
We appreciate your prayers and your support so much.  Please click on the link to go to our donation page and give as much as you possibly can monthly.  We also appreciate one-time gifts if you are not able to commit to donating monthly.  Here are a few other things you can do to help us get to our $3000 goal of monthly donations:    
  • Have a FUN-raising party at your home (Kim and I can come in and do a private concert and talk to your friends, family and neighbors about No Hungry Children) 
  • Forward this newsletter to your email address book with a personal note asking them to help us 
  • Like our Facebook page and like, share our posts so your FB friends see it 
  • Follow us on Instagram (NoHungryChildren) 
  • Follow us on Twitter @NoHungryKids (our name No Hungry Children was too long for Twitter!!) 
  • PRAY for us (buying a calendar on our website and putting it on your refrigerator or on your wall at your office is a great way to remind yourself to pray for us!!)

 If there's anything else you can think of that you believe would help No Hungry Children reach our goal and continue to feed these 2000+ precious children every day in school, please let me know.  We appreciate your prayers and support so much.

NHC Partners With Metro-Atlanta Church

No Hungry Children has a new partner! Special thanks to First Baptist Church of Roswell, GA for their dedication to support our efforts in feeding children.

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