Change is Good

I love change!!! Change is just in my blood. I can’t stand for things to stay the same. I can’t sit still while I’m talking on the phone (seriously, I pace back and forth around the room or even better, I’ll walk around outside if possible!!)…I like working in different environments…I love the changing of the seasons…and I’m always trying … Read More

The Missions Minded Family

With the holidays approaching, there are many joyful thoughts about our quaint family get-togethers, where we can enjoy one another with a singular focus…giving thanks.  Honestly, we have so much to be thankful for even if the hum drum of life’s responsibilities drowns out our desire for gratitude.  As a family, how do we prepare our minds and hearts for … Read More

Teaching Generocity in Worldwide Poverty

As a child, I loved spending time with my Grandfather. He would have the best stories to tell. Every time I would go to his house, he would speak of a time “long, long ago when gas was only 25 cents a gallon and when ice cream was just a nickel.” As I look back to those conversations, some of … Read More