Cheers! Where Everybody Hears His Name

Stepping through the doors of each school in our feeding program yields new thoughts and new emotions every time we visit. When laying eyes on children that are full of joy despite their circumstances in poverty and hearing the songs they are taught about the Kingdom of God to come is overwhelming to say the least. As Christian Americans, we have to cut through the thick fog of our society’s pop culture mentality that desires our name to be great and known among people. A quick antidote to falling into the temptation of making much of ourselves is seeing those who are thought very little of in their culture and around the world and are left unfazed. They are not so much concerned about who knows their name as much as knowing the name of the One who is their Provider and Sustainer. On our last trip, one of the little boys in the program was so full of joy when getting food. When questioned about his joy he explained that the food was a blessing, but the reason his heart was so full was because “I prayed for food and God showed Himself faithful! He can be trusted to meet my every need.” This child was around 12 years old and was teaching the team deep truths about communing with a good God. One of NHC’s highest goals is to feed children spiritually so each child can testify to hearing and knowing His name regardless of who knows theirs.