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How You Can Help

Schools on our waiting list

HHI Luncheon

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    Choice for Lunch


    How You Can Help

    Start A Fundraiser

    invite friends and family to raise money for No Hungry Children

    Give While You Shop

    Support No Hungry Children through an AmazonSmile account.

    Join The Street Team

    Receive monthly action steps to help spread the news about NHC

    Feed A Child

    $5 will feed a child for an entire month

    Fund A School

    We have a waiting list full of schools to feed

    Fund Operation Costs

    Invest in NHC so we can feed more children

    Spread The Word

    Help us tell the world about No Hungry Children

    60 days of

    $5 Feeds A Child For An Entire Month

    Help us fully fund every child on our waiting list by December 31st so they can be fed starting January 2023!