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Schools on our waiting list

There are a couple of needs that we found out about while we were in Kenya this last month and we would love to meet those needs through one-time donations. If you would like to help meet these needs in any way, here they are:


1. Special Needs School’s Mattresses – $670
Light and Hope School is a special needs school in our monthly feeding program. The school needs 10 new mattresses as many of these kids lay on these mattresses all day. A new mattress with a water proof cover on it (because many of these kids wet the bed often) is $67. So we need a total of $670 to get all 10 mattresses. Any amount you can give towards this will be greatly appreciated!


2. Bowls, Cups, and Spoons – $2,000
We noticed as we were going into the schools and feeding them that none of the schools had enough bowls, cups, or spoons to go around. So these kids are having to wait for other children to finish eating so they can wash the utensils and reuse them for another child. 

We can get a bowl, cup, and spoon for right at $1. We need about 2000 bowls, cups, and spoons to meet this need. This comes out to about $2,000. Any amount you can give towards this will be greatly appreciated!

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