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A Great Resolution

A Great Resolution

When the ball dropped and people cheered the arriving of the new year, many also welcomed new year’s resolutions that would better their lives and hopefully better others in their communities. Exercise and dieting seem to be at the top of many people’s resolutions in 2018 here in the States. However, according to a Google Maps Project, resolutions for some around the world look quite different. For instance, in Japan and Australia, the predominate resolutions were looking for love. People in Russia set greater goals in their education and for those in India, the top resolutions revolved around career goals.

Why Set A Resolution?

Although setting new year’s resolutions are indeed a tradition around the world, so is failing to keep the resolution. Our great intentions, which are well founded, get pushed to the back burner with work, school, kids and other life circumstances. For many of us, good intentions are not enough in reaching our new year’s goals. So why even set a resolution?

One reason we set goals is because everyone likes a fresh start. We all have bad habits that we want to change or see things about ourselves that we can improve. The new year is a solid time that gives us a definitive time to make decisions that we believe will help point us in the right direction to better ourselves and those around us. The well-known 18th century theologian Johnathan Edwards understood that resolutions that are made and kept served to both bring him joy and God glory. He believed in resolutions so much that he didn’t just make one or two, but committed to making and living out 70 well thought out resolutions. You can find Edwards resolutions here.

Keep It – Don’t Quit

One of the ways that helped Edwards keep his 70 resolutions was that he set reasonable goals and depended on God to keep him steadfast. He said:

“Being sensible that I am unable to do anything without God’s help, I do humbly entreat him by his grace to enable me to keep these resolutions, so far as they are agreeable to his will, for Christ’s sake.”

This season, when you are working to keep your resolutions, don’t forget…

  1. Ask God for help in setting appropriate goals for His glory and your joy in Him. Do not just make goals on a whim, but resolve for Christ’s sake…”Not to us Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” (Psalm 115:1)
  2. Ask for His help in fulfilling the desires He has given you
  3. If you fall away from your resolution, DON’T Quit. Reevaluate your goals and press into the Lord and friends for help. You are not in this alone.

Resolve For The Benefit of Others

In an attempt to gather the top resolutions of people in the States, Twitter gathered info based on user tweets. Among some of the more common goals, one resolution stood out. Out of the top 10, number 4 on the list behind diet, exercise, and making more money was giving more time and support to charities.

No Hungry Children is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in Kenya by feeding children who are marginalized in society. When kids come to school, they are feed twice every school day, which keeps them focused on their studies by attending school on a full stomach. We currently feed over 3000 children in different schools in the slums of Nairobi. This is no small task as you can imagine, however, it is a fulfilling endeavor that we believe brings joy to people and honor to God.

Will You Join Us?

If you haven’t already made a new year’s resolution, or if you have room for an additional one, we ask that you consider sponsoring a child. It is easy and costs as little as $5 a month. The impact your $5 makes in the life of a child will serve to better families and communities and provide a child with the environment that removes obstacles from receiving an education. It is as easy as clicking the “sponsor a child” button on the top of this page.

This is one resolution that is easy to keep!

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