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A Heart For The Children In Kenya

In 2002, although he traveled through some rough areas to get where he was going, he never really had much contact with the locals and didn’t really experience what they experienced. He stayed in missionary housing or hotels the entire two weeks. Though God had started a work in his heart to minister to the people of Africa, he had not yet opened his eyes to the poverty and devastation that so many people live in on that continent.


Four years later, in 2006, he was able to return to Africa, but this time would be a much different experience. There would be no hotels and missionary housing.


This time, he stayed with the local pastor. It was amazing to see that the pastor and his wife and several children all gave up their beds and slept on the floor together in the living room, so he and his team could sleep on their “not so comfortable” bed. Brandon was struck with the thought…

How could I complain about the hardness of the bed I slept in when I knew that down the hall a pastor and his wife and children are sleeping on the floor?

It had come to our founder’s attention that the slums in Nairobi where Maurice had spent 8 years of his life were full of poor, private Christian schools started by pastors, pastor’s wives and other church leaders, with most of the schools having the same needs…food for the children, school supplies, Bibles, uniforms, etc. He immediately started giving his own money to help feed the children, and asked everyone he knew to join him in feeding as many children as possible.


By buying a month’s worth of rice, beans and porridge at a time, they were able to get the cost to 10 cents a meal on average. The donations started coming in faster than expected, so it quickly became necessary to set up a non-profit organization, and in 2011 No Hungry Children was born.

Through a close relative of the founder, many churches and other organizations came together in the city of Tyler, Texas in May of 2012 to raise money for No Hungry Children to help us feed 1000 children for an entire year. The event was so successful that they did the same event then next two years in May, which helped us grow to feed almost 1400 children each school day in the slums. With the foundation that the Tyler festivals gave us from 2012-2014, we launched a grassroots campaign to get the word out to anyone and everyone who would listen about the opportunity to join us in feeding as many children as possible, which allowed us to grow from 12 schools with 1400 children to 20 schools with 2500 children over 50 schools with children! It was slow and steady growth as we continued to build the infrastructure on the ground in Nairobi and here in the USA. The greatest joy has been visiting the slums each year to see the attendance grow in our schools, as well as see the number of schools we are feeding grow.

Together we can end child hunger in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya

It only costs $10 a month to buy enough rice, beans, and porridge to feed a child 2 meals a day, 5 days a week while they are in school. Because they attend school to get this food, your donation of just $10 a month will also help them get an education and improve their life and the life of their family, by getting them off of the dangerous streets in the slums. But most importantly, No Hungry Children chaplains visit the children weekly to minister to them and share the Gospel.


Will you join us and change the life of a child forever?

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