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Affiliate Program

Earn a residual income while you help feed hungry children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.


Anyone can join our affiliate program. Whether you are a social media influencer, have a large youtube channel, run a business, or just want to impact the world, you can get started today.


To earn a residual income, all you need to do is start sharing the custom link we give you on social media, your website, your youtube channel, or with friends/family.


When people give through your link, you earn an 8% commission on all donations, and 2% on any donations from affiliates you bring in personally. Get started and let's have massive impact on the world together.

What Makes Us Different

All commissions paid to affiliates in our program come from privately funded marketing dollars so we can continue to live up to our promise to send 100% of public donations to feed the children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

No Hungry Children can feed a child in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya for as little as $0.20 a meal. That means for $2.00 you can feed a child for a week or for $10.00 you can feed a child for a month. This allows anyone to be able to give and have massive impact.

Help hungry children put warm food in their bellies and make some cash while you’re at it!

You Have Questions

We Have Answers

Every affiliate program is a little different so we know you will have plenty of questions!

An affiliate program is a way to earn money by referring new donors to No Hungry Children. We give you a unique and shareable link to use on your website, blog, YouTube channel, social media profile, and so on. Through your unique link, our affiliate software tracks donation conversions to pay you accordingly every month.

There are no limits on how much you can make through our program. The more referrals that donate through your affiliate link, the more you’ll earn. We pay a 8% commission on all donations that come from your affiliate link (both recurring and one-time donations), and 2% commission on any donations that come in from a downline affiliate (1 level deep) that signs up using your affiliate link! 

We pay commissions on the 15th of each month for verified donations from the previous month. 

You must exceed the minimum threshold of $10 to receive payment. Anything less than $10 will be held until your earned commissions hits that threshold.

We partner with Stripe to securely transfer money to your bank account or debit card every month. Every new affiliate will set up a new Stripe account through our system during the signup process that is solely used to process commission payments with No Hungry Children.


In your affiliate dashboard you will have access to basic No Hungry Children brand elements such as the logo and a few images/videos that you can use to advertise. If you need a specific graphic created for your website/blog or social media, just reach out and our affiliate team will get specifics and be glad to help!

We offer a 90-day cookie for our program to give you plenty of time for conversions. For instance, if a person clicks on your affiliate link but doesn’t donate on their first visit, you can still earn a commission if they return and donate within 90 days of their first visit.

It is true that many browsers are moving away from and will completely get rid of the use of third-party cookies eventually. Fortunately, our affiliate program uses first-party cookies. These are not going away. These cookies are used everywhere across the internet in order to make a user’s experience the best it possibly can be.

Our affiliate program allows you to make an 8% commission on any donations from your affiliate link but you can also use your affiliate link to sign up other affiliates. When you do, you earn 2% of any donations that happen from when someone uses their affiliate link! This 2% commission only applies to those affiliates that you bring into the program directly (they used your affiliate link to signup), and not the affiliates that they bring in to the program using their affiliate link (commissions only go 1 level deep).

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