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Here’s part of the story you may not know…

Here’s part of the story you may not know…

Nutritious meals save lives

How a bottle of Coke has led to almost 10 million meals served!

You’ve likely heard parts of the No Hungry Children origin story, but you may not know that the decision to start giving to provide meals to children in the slums was inspired by a bottle of Coca-Cola.

After Brandon Smith had visited several schools in the slums of Nairobi Kenya, his heart was hurting for the children who were not getting fed in school.

“What can we do to get food to these children?”

Everything changed when he saw the bottle of Coke in his hand:

“You mean I could have fed a child for a week for what I just paid for this Coke??!!”


Think about the impact that can be made with just ONE DOLLAR a week!! You can literally transform the life of a child in poverty by providing 2 hot meals each day in school.

Right now, allow God to work through you by investing in the life of at least one child by giving $5 per month.

It will change their life forever—and it might just change yours as well, like Brandon’s life was changed many years ago.

It’s never been this easy to change the life of a child

$1 feeds one child–for one week

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for one child
(we buy in bulk)
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(we guarantee it)

hungry children are
on our waiting list
($10,455 a month)

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