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Compassion International vs No Hungry Children

Child Sponsorship Comparison

Here are the most basic differences in child sponsorship when comparing Compassion International & No Hungry Children

Compassion International is a great organization doing great things for a lot of children and families in poverty around the world, and many of our team here at No Hungry Children have been longtime Compassion Int. donors. 



They require a $38/mo commitment to sponsor a child with 82% of donated funds going to the actual program that helps the child. 



At No Hungry Children, we only ask for $5/mo with 100% of that $5 going to the program which feeds a child 2 meals a day, 5 days a week while attending school. There are people who choose not to give because they believe that they cannot afford $38 a month and/or they want 100% of their donation to go to the child they are sponsoring. With No Hungry Children both of these roadblocks to giving are removed. With just $5 a month, you can feed a child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for an entire month for the glory of God, and 100% of it goes to feed the child!!

Compassion International

Focuses on going deeper with an individual child by providing many of the child’s needs throughout their life

$ 38.00 /Month
  • 82% Goes To Help The Child
  • Provides Food & Water
  • Provides Medical Care
  • Provides Educational Assistance
  • Provides Job Skills Training
  • plus a lot more

No Hungry Children

Focuses on keeping the price low in order to meet the need for food in as many children as possible every month.

$ 5.00 /Month
  • 100% of donations goes to buy food
  • Will Feed 1 Child For A Whole Month
  • Chaplains visit them every week to share the gospel

It’s never been this easy to change the life of a child

$1 feeds one child–for one week

$ 100 0

Provides a meal
for one child
(we buy in bulk)
1 %

of your Donation
goes to buy food
(we guarantee it)

hungry children are
on our waiting list
($10,455 a month)

Your pocket change can make a difference

It only costs $5 a month to buy enough rice, beans, and porridge to feed a child 2 meals a day, 5 days a week while they are in school. Because they attend school to get this food, your donation of just $5 a month will also help them get an education and improve their life and the life of their family, by getting them off of the dangerous streets in the slums. But most importantly, No Hungry Children chaplains visit the children weekly to minister to them and share the Gospel.


No matter how much you can afford to give, you can have massive impact in these childrens lives because…

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