Meet Violet

Violet is one of the students in our feeding program in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. We asked her about her family and what her day is typically like. She brought us to her home in Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, where she introduced us to her 5 other siblings.

Violet is the second oldest child (I use this word loosely) in her family and is responsible for cooking, cleaning and fetching the water that her family needs each day. Her trip to a potable water source is typically a journey of around a mile and the weight of the water she carries is over 15 lbs. As we sat down in her 10′ by 8′ home, she began to tell us the story of how she and the rest her brothers and sisters came to growing up in the slums without parents. She explained how her father became sick and died of Aids a few years ago and how before her father died, her mother had left her family because of mental instability.

She and her older sister work to provide for rent and for what little food they need to survive. They often wash clothes for other families in the slums to earn shillings (they earn under $1 USD a day), but at times the work has been hard to find. With a sad look in her eyes, Violet shared how her older sister sometimes meets with older men in the slums, where she is forced to prostitute herself for additional income.

No Hungry Children has helped Violet and her family by giving them the opportunity to eat twice a day while attending school. Her hope is to get an education to break the cycle of her families poverty. Come Oct 12th 2014 to North Star Church at 7pm for a night of worship and to hear more about how you can help families like Violet’s who live in the roughest of circumstances.