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$1 will Feed One Child for One Week

$1 will Feed One Child for One Week


Feeding children both physically and spiritually are two foundations for our feeding program in the slums of Nairobi. However, this is no small task.  To feed over 3,000 students every school day takes hard work and dedication from our groups of volunteers on the ground in Kenya, along with the teachers and staff at the schools. 

Each month multiple bags of rice, beans, vegetables, oils and spices are bought at the market in downtown Nairobi.  These products, weighing hundreds of pounds, must then be loaded into several trucks and hauled to a storage facility for weighing and sorting. Once the raw food is divided into appropriate amounts for each school, our volunteers deliver the inventory to be stored on site at each campus for cooks to later make fresh food for their students.


Why We Feed Students In Schools

We commit to feeding students for multiple reasons. First, NHC believes that we are commanded by God to feed the hungry and to help those in need. Most of the students in the slum schools where we serve do indeed come to school each day only because they are being fed.  There are many young children that, in order to earn money to eat every day, do not attend school.  Instead, they rummage through trash dumps looking for scrap metal to sell.  NHC desires to help break the cycle of poverty by removing the “hunger obstacle” that keeps so many kids from going to school and receiving an education. For many children in our program, the meals that NHC provides are the only meals they will eat in their day.

NHC also believes that meeting physical needs is a doorway to meeting spiritual needs in the lives of children. When we feed students every day at school, they know that they are cared for and loved. This security opens doors for our volunteers to share about the love of Jesus with each student in a personal way.

If you would like to help end child hunger and help these students get an education at the same time, check out the schools that are on our waiting list!

$1 Feeds One Child for One Week

The impact we have seen in the lives of children has been astounding and every dollar helps our influence to grow. Although we currently serve many schools right now, we have had to place other schools who want to take part in the feeding program on a waiting list.  Our goal is to raise enough support that every school in our communities would have the opportunity to join the NHC feeding program.  This goal can only be reached through the support of people like you.  For as little as $5 a month, you can take part in breaking this vicious cycle of poverty that so many of the children in the NHC program experience.  Please consider sponsoring a child today by giving here!

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