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The Missions Minded Family

The Missions Minded Family

With the holidays approaching, there are many joyful thoughts about our quaint family get-togethers, where we can enjoy one another with a singular focus…giving thanks.  Honestly, we have so much to be thankful for even if the hum drum of life’s responsibilities drowns out our desire for gratitude.  As a family, how do we prepare our minds and hearts for thankfulness in the midst of such a busy season?  One of the answers to this question is to have a pinpoint focus on what is at the bottom of celebrating each season…namely the goodness and grace of God as our all-sufficient satisfier. Here are some practical tips for keeping the lens of our gratitude in focus this season as we live missionally.

1.  Have intentional conversations.

Talk to one another about why we believe we exist as a family.  When we realize that our role in our family is not happenstance, it makes it easier to be strategic in how we serve others.  There is no better time than during the holiday season to focus on others, because the opportunities to serve in our communities are everywhere.

2. Think of things to do together that are outside of the box.

Sometimes we get stuck in doing the same things every year because it is “what we have always done”. Instead of going to the family Thanksgiving alone, try inviting someone, not only to the dinner but also to help you and your family prepare the food. After-all, relationship building can happen anywhere and over the most simplistic of tasks.

3. Think globally this season.

So times we can get stuck in a mindset that “our world is the world” and forget about the billions of people around the world that are in need. Make it a point to take time each day to pray specifically for people in a different country and find out if there are organizations with whom your family can partner.

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