They No Longer Hear Their Hunger

Today we visited one of our newest schools in our feeding program called “Light and Hope” School. This is no ordinary school because within its walls are extraordinary children. LHS is a school that serves special needs children in an area where there are so many needs around every corner. Some of these children do not have their sight, and can not walk or talk. Yet, they are loved with a gigantic love from the teachers and chaplains that get the opportunity to interact with them on a day to day basis. No Hungry Children helps this school by feeding these children twice a day every school day. One of the teachers said, “It was very hard to get our kids to focus on their tasks when they were so hungry. Now, our job has become easier because they no longer hear their hunger.” What a joy to hear those words! Our desire has been that these children no longer hear their hunger so another voice, a much greater voice can be heard… the voice of the Father.