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Here’s part of the story you may not know…

Nutritious meals save livesHow a bottle of Coke has led to almost 10 million meals served!You’ve likely heard parts of the No Hungry Children origin story, but you may not know that the decision to start giving to provide meals to children in the slums was inspired by a bottle of Coca-Cola.After Brandon Smith had… Continue reading Here’s part of the story you may not know…

Together We Can Eliminate Poverty

“Ok students, it is time for lunch”, says one of the teachers at Glorious Junior School in Nairobi, Kenya.  The school day was half way over and the students began to line up in a single file line.  Each child was handed a bowl as they gazed upon the shiny oversized rice pot that was steaming on… Continue reading Together We Can Eliminate Poverty

$1 will Feed One Child for One Week

 Feeding children both physically and spiritually are two foundations for our feeding program in the slums of Nairobi. However, this is no small task.  To feed over 3,000 students every school day takes hard work and dedication from our groups of volunteers on the ground in Kenya, along with the teachers and staff at the schools. … Continue reading $1 will Feed One Child for One Week

Give Hope To The Hungry

Walking along the dirt covered paths in the Kibera Slums and seeing the great poverty of almost one million people packed tightly within approximately 2.5 square kilometers, it would be hard for anyone to question the lack of hope residents living there might experience.Some Common ObstaclesThe most common life circumstances the people of Kibera face… Continue reading Give Hope To The Hungry

A Great Resolution

When the ball dropped and people cheered the arriving of the new year, many also welcomed new year’s resolutions that would better their lives and hopefully better others in their communities. Exercise and dieting seem to be at the top of many people’s resolutions in 2018 here in the States. However, according to a Google… Continue reading A Great Resolution

Working Together For Good

It is a very interesting thing to reflect on all the differences in cross-cultural ministry. One of the things we have learned to embrace from our trips to Kenya is that we must always hurry up and wait. Day two of our time here proved to be no different.We left our hotel late morning, not… Continue reading Working Together For Good

Back In The Saddle

Day one here in Nairobi turned out to be very eventful. Not only were we joining our Kenyan brothers in purchasing the food for our 21 schools, but we were able to help carry and deliver the food to our sorting facility.Brandon, our ministry President, took his job carrying a 90kg bag of beans to… Continue reading Back In The Saddle

$1 Never Went So Far

The world around us today is moving quickly it seems… too quickly. There is a rush to get to the store to purchase everything that accompanies a perfect Christmas morning. Traffic on the streets and in the stores filled with folks searching for the great deals and the perfect gifts. Everyone is in a rush… Continue reading $1 Never Went So Far

Change is Good

I love change!!! Change is just in my blood. I can’t stand for things to stay the same. I can’t sit still while I’m talking on the phone (seriously, I pace back and forth around the room or even better, I’ll walk around outside if possible!!)…I like working in different environments…I love the changing of… Continue reading Change is Good

The Missions Minded Family

With the holidays approaching, there are many joyful thoughts about our quaint family get-togethers, where we can enjoy one another with a singular focus…giving thanks.  Honestly, we have so much to be thankful for even if the hum drum of life’s responsibilities drowns out our desire for gratitude.  As a family, how do we prepare… Continue reading The Missions Minded Family

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